The São Paulo Futebol Clube commonly referred to as São Paulo, is a professional football club in the Morumbi district of São Paulo, Brazil, founded in 1930. It plays in the Campeonato Paulista (the State of São Paulo’s premier state league) and the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A (the top tier of the Brazilian football league system). They are one of two clubs to have never been relegated from the top division, the other being Flamengo. São Paulo is one of the most successful teams in Brazil with 22 state titles, 6 Campeonato Brasileiro titles, 1 Copa do Brasil title, 3 Copa Libertadores titles, 1 Copa Sudamericana, 1 Supercopa Libertadores, 1 Copa CONMEBOL, 1 Copa Masters CONMEBOL, 2 Recopa Sudamericanas, 2 Intercontinental Cup and 1 FIFA Club World Cup. São Paulo was an inaugural member of the Clube dos 13, group of Brazil’s leading football clubs. The club’s most consistent spell of success came in the 1990s under coach Telê Santana when it won 2 state titles, one national championship, 2 Copa Libertadores, 2 Recopa Sudamericanas, 2 Intercontinental Cups, 1 Supercopa Sudamericana, 1 Copa CONMEBOL and 1 Copa Masters CONMEBOL. Its youth system revealed many players known worldwide, including Kaká, the last

1992 – Copa Libertadores

1992 – Intercontinental Cup

1993 – Copa Libertadores

1993 – Intercontinental Cup

1993 – Recopa Sudamericana

1994 – Recopa Sudamericana

2005 – Copa Libertadores

2005 – Fifa Club World Cup

2012 – Copa Sudamericana

Kakà Ricardo

(Ballon d’Or)


(Ballon d’Or)